Mass Action 7th July 2011

POS 07/07/11

The Joint Trade Union Leaders accompanied by thousands of workers delivered a letter to Prime Minister Hon. Kamla Persad Bissessar on July 7, 2011 expressing their disappointment in her response to the current Industrial Relations Climate in Trinidad and Tobago. The OWTU came out in full force to support the Trade Union leadership as they sought to get the government to respond to the Labour Day Accord. The action taken by the Trade Union Movement came after several efforts were made to resolve the particular issue of a wage cap.


“On Labour Day, June 19, 2011, the Trade Union movement, facing a government policy of capping wages at 5%, signed the Labour Day Accord. Such a policy is a surreptitious move by a government who came into office on the basis that it will partner with the labour movement.  This represents a betrayal of the highest order. Attached is a copy of this Accord where we listed our demands with the number one demand being the removal of the 5% wage cap.


In this regard we the Joint Trade Union Leaders again call upon you to resolve this major wage impasse within two (2) weeks. Failing which, we will be left with no choice but to continue with our joint actions as outlined in the Labour Day Accord. Given our numerous attempts at reasonably averting this crisis and given your government’s inflexible approach, we wish to again make it abundantly clear that the Trade Union Movement can not be held responsible for any adverse outcomes going forward.”  Letter to the Prime Minister dated July 7, 2011 and signed by 19 Trade Union Leaders.